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Gültig bis: 30.06.2019
We love cocktails and mixology and we think one such place, typical of Milan and New 
York, is missing in Zurich.

With Gran Finale we want to bring to Zurich a cocktail bar where cocktails are fun, and 
leave you a memory beyond the bare taste.

Cocktails are our specialty.

We are dedicated and passionate and love Mixology. We regularly attend courses and 
seminars to improve our mixtures and create new ones for our Cocktail lovers.

Our Signature Cocktails are living creatures. They will surprise you, feed your mind, 
warm your soul and tickle your palate.

In addition to the usual drinks we also offer a selection of Italian wines and Prosecco's.

In every era and in each corner of the world, men enjoy to drink together. If it is wiser that 
the human being continues to indulge in the pleasures of a good drink or if it is better to 
refrain from it, it is up to the philosophers to decide. We simply want to point out that the 
pleasure of drinking a good cocktail with a good friend is universal.
This is the aim of Granf Finale; serve special cocktails for every occasion. Every day is 
special and each moment deserves to be remembered.

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